Detals of salary being paid by the school to teaching Staff/non-teaching staff
DesignationScale of payGrade pay% of DAHRAEPF Con.
Principal15600-39100760035% 12%
4TH GRADE4440-7440130035%100012%
Mode of payment of salary
  1. Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing            Union Bank of India
  2. Through single cheque transfer advice                                Yes
  3. Individual cheque                                                                   No
  4. Cash                                                                                        No
Library Facility
  • Size of Library in sq. feet                                                     1200
  • No of Periodicals                                                                   05
  • No of dailies                                                                           05
  • No of Reference book class wise                                        2010
  • No of magazine                                                                      20
  • Other                                                                                      2460
Name of the Grievances/redressal Oficer
  • Name of the Grievances/redressal Oficer with email phone
  • Member of Sexual Harassment Committee –                  Principal, Smt. Nikki singh,Smt. Rani Singh, Sri Kumar Vijay ranjan